i want to be alive and actually live

i feel the fire within my soul burning out and the passion within my heart fading. most things that once inspired me now do nothing at all. i know it’s not a symptom of laziness because i yearn to do and be more, to be excited and love everyday. to be alive and actually live. not the living where you wake up and already wish your day was over, not the living with the same routine : getting your coffee, working your 9 to 5 and coming home to eat dinner alone. the living where you can’t sleep because you are so excited to wake up and carry out your day. the living where you feel good in your surroundings and never second guess the decision to be where you are. not only content and comfortable. the living where you are actually alive.


“Anything​ that you can honestly think and feel that you deserve must come to you.” – Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II

We fill our bodies with poison and expect good to recycle its way back to us, we preach hatred and jealousy only for it to be reciprocated into our lives. If someone does you wrong, deceives you, wish them well for the universe will catch up with their ill intentions. Wish them well for the universe will appreciate your kind heart.